Lions Club International President BOB CORLEW



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Lions Club International President BOB CORLEW

ライオンズクラブ国際会長 Bob Corlew

2016-17 International PresidentChancellor Bob Corlew
2017 Party Train Gathers Steam

Kathy Singleton recently emailed Lions Clubs International. When she was a first-grader in Springfield, Missouri, the Lions club bought her first pair of glasses. “I still remember the joy I felt when I was able to distinguish that trees had individual leaves. It excited my heart to learn to see the world in its infinite beauty,” she eloquently wrote us. “I pray y’all continue blessing many other kids like y’all did me.”
Yes, Ms. Singleton, for the next 100 years, we will keep on helping children as well as adults as we have for the past century. In our Centennial year, we want to honor and remember the past as well as move our great Association forward.
During our long history Lions not only reached out to individuals but also often impacted entire communities. After an earthquake and tsunami devastated Afognak, Alaska, in 1964, Lions built a new town for residents. Five years earlier in the tinder-dry cattle country of Texas, their town regularly threatened by prairie fires, Leakey Lions started a fire brigade including a fire truck. Long ago in 1925, alarmed by the inadequacy of schools, York Lions in Pennsylvania began a well-stocked circulating library. The pages of the LION from the last century are filled with tens of thousands of such examples of life-changing and often life-preserving service.
Our Centennial service goal is to serve at least 100 million people by June 2018. We are on pace to shatter that goal. Please have your club “join the party.” Celebrate the Centennial in other ways, too, by inviting family and friends to serve with you and by planning a Legacy Project in your community. Find out how to participate at
I am honored to serve as your Centennial president. I hope you are just as thrilled to be a Lion at this special moment in our grand history. The service we do today will echo down the decades as we invariably strengthen our Association and leave Lions Clubs in better shape than ever for generations to come.
Chancellor Bob Corlew
Lions Clubs International President