Lions Clubs International District 332-C Governor Takao Ishikawa

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Lions Clubs International District 332-C District Governor Naoyoshi Takeshita

Lions Clubs International District 332-C District Governor Naoyoshi Takeshita

2017-2018 Lions Club International District 332-C District management policy

Governor Slogan
Toward Dreamful and Hopeful Tomorrow We Serve
Activity Slogan
Pioneering the future of the next generation with Lions Power
The power of unity (the power of friendship)
The power of action
The power of service
Lions club celebrated its 100th anniversary.
International Association is promoting a new service platform "LCI Forward" to the next century.
This direction has many parts to share with the currently challenges in 332-C district, and we will consider and promote it.
Once again, we will rethink our situation and aim to keep simple and efficient district administration.
1. Retention enhancement
  • Promotion goal for continuous membership increase L2000.
  • Work hard to prevent withdrawal.
Number of member Number of clubs
June 2016    1,889 members 67clubs
June 2017    1,852 members
R...1,309    Female 126
F...  543    Female 417
67 clubs
July 2017    1,854 members 63 clubs
August 2017 63 clubs
2. Fostering next generation leaders
  • Training young leaders
  • Hosting exchange meeting
3. Donation to LCIF and Joint Activity Fund
  • LCIF $ 100,000
  • Joint activity fund 3.5 million yen
4. Assisting giving children dreams and hopes
  • Implementation of the Peace Poster Contest
  • Support for children poverty alleviation
  • Lions Quest promotes drug abuse prevention activities