Lions Clubs International District 332-C Governor Tatsuo Ishikawa


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Lions Clubs International District 332-C District Governor Tatsuo Ishikawa

Lions Clubs International District 332-C District Governor Masaiku Iwamoto

332-C District Governor Masaiku Iwamoto

It has been 100 years since Melvin Jones founded Lions Club in Chicago, Illinois on June 7, 1917. As Japan Lions club, it has been 65 years since Tokyo Lions Club started by sponcorship of Malila Lions Club in Phillipines on March 5, 1952, as 35th Lions country. I became a 332-C district Governor in Fukuoka, 4th International Convention in Japan, by removing elect ribbon by the Past District Governor Tatsuo Ishikawa. I feel big inaugural excitement and at the same time, I feel a heavy responsibility as a milestone of the governor towards anew hundred years from now. Needless to say, Lions Club's motto is "We Serve". This motto has been adopted on 1954 and has been used by now. Melvin Jones' belief is reflected in it. He said, "To serve is to be usefull, to serve someone is to become usefull to someone, to serve in this great world means to be usefull to the world. Joy of life can not be achieved unless starting to serve to others." Now Lions Club as a largest community service organization Lions Club in the world, with 1,410,000 people in 211 countries, is needed to reforming and evolution of its organization for onother 100 years. I will do my best with confidence and pride, together with each and every member of 332-C district, open the future of this district. Understanding and support of everyone in the district membership is highly appreciated.

District 332-C Governor Masaiku Iwamoto

Personal History
Club Sendai Aoba Lions Club
Work Hyakutan Co., Ltd.
Leisure, Real Estate
Rewards ・Certificate of Appreciation from Minister of Health and Welfare
・Japan Red Cross Golden Merit Award
・Hornary Citizen of Little Luck, Arkansas, USA
・Certificate of Appreciation from United Nations Children's Fund
・Certificate of Appreciation from Japan Guide Dog Association
and many others
History as Lion
1997 Joined Sendai Aoba Lions Club(CM)
2000-2001 Club Secretary
2003-2004 President
2006-2007 LCIF・Sight FirstUCommittee Chairman
2009-2010 Secretary
2011-2012 President
1R2Z Zone Chair Person
2012-2013 60th Aniversary Magazine Editorial Committee
2014-2015 Second Vice District Governor
332 Multiple District GLT Vice Chairman、GLT Vice Cordinator
2015-2016 First Vice District Governor
332 Multiple GMT Vice Cordinator
November 2015, Life time Member
May 2007 Certificate of Appreciation from International President
May 2008 Certificate of Appreciation from International President
February 2014 Membership Award
April 2016 Internatinal president Award
May 2016 International President Award
Melvin Jones Fellow Award: 12 times